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1. Householders

Householders who have concerns about their dwelling due to health issues of any of the occupants are amongst our most common customers. Our audits can determine for them where the internal environmental issues are and from there, a comprehensive reconstruction program can be commenced. Our detailed reports following our investigations will demonstrate the eenvironmental issues concerning the dwelling and itemise all of the actions required to repair the indoor environment.

2. Building managers/owners

Sick building syndrome is a modern phenamon caused by the sealed building syndrome so popular in today's modern society. The complete absense of natural ventilation in most modern buildings places and intense focus and enormous responsibility on the HVAC system which controls the indoor environment. Because any HVAC system operates by propelling recycled air into the indoor air, the system can pass dirt and bacteria from area to area. Airborne particulates are amongst the main instigators of respiratory issues in the built environment, it stands to reason that the HVAC system must be carefully monitored and serviced regularly.

3. Tenants - Residential

It has to be acknowledged that there are tens of thousands of rental properties that are poorly neglected - badly heated, badly ventilated, poor drainage, poor plumbing - and there is a disproportionate number of environmentally neglected rental properties around Australia. Many landlords are not keen to spend any money at all on their properties. Despite this landlords and estate agents owe a duty of care to the tenant to provide a safe and healthy living environment. Unfortunately the majority of them are unwilling to do anything about a mould infested dwelling until they are forced to do so by a tribunal or court of law.

Our reports often find their way into the hands of estate agents and if that proves unsuccessful, eventually to VCAT or direct to a lawyer.

4. Estate agents

As the agent working on behalf of a landlord, the agent is responsible for the state of the rental property. If the indoor environment is neglected and as a result mould growth and condensation formation occurs, the agent is required to orchestrate a solution, to restore the health of the building and to retain a cordial relationship with the tenant.




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