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We have hundreds of letters and emails from customers over the years. Here is just a few.

Clayton, Melbourne June 2011: Thank you very much for your impressive report. Once we received your findings we were able to finally assist our daughter to overcome her poor health by implementing the recommendations you gave us. We are so pleased with how quickly Sara has improved. Within 7 or so days of the treatment, she was feeling better. Within a couple of weeks her coughing had stopped and her ezcema was way better. Thank you from thre bottom of my heart. VAL.

Environmental audit $995

Warranmbool, VICAugust 2011: Although I thought your report was expensive, you located the moisture in our property causing all the condensation issues and showed me why it was happening. I sorted it myself and now have no more issues with condensation anymore. Cheque enclosed. STEVE S.

Level 1 $295

Mosman, NSW August 2011: Your report was extremely comprehensive and compared to other companies I consulted, extremely cheap. I now have a solution to the problems that have been bugging me for months and months. I would have happily paid more! PAULETTE.

Environmental audit $995

We specialise in the following

1. Environmental and IAQ Audits
2. HVAC Audits

encompassing all of the below:

All Indoor environmental issues
IAQ - Moisture | Temperature | Humidity | Condensation | CO | C02 | Airborne Particulates | Airborne sampling | Surface sampling
Rising damp
Dust mites
Fungal growth
Microwave/electromagnetic emissions from mobile phones, power lines and home devises

* Excludes laboratory testing of samples. Four samples are taken. For each laboratory examination of sample including results: $120 per sample.

"Moisture leads to the growth of moulds and fungis. HVAC systems spread mould spores throughout the built environment and create airborne particulates. Moisture creates condensation and humidity. A lack of ventilation traps moisture in the built environment. Any assessment of indoor air quality starts and finishes with moisture, airborne particulates and ventilation."


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