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Termite colonies can take years to develop and greatly cary in size depnding on the access to a food source and continuing moisture which termites need to continue to thrive. Therefore moisture and a food source are the primary motivators for their ongoing existence.

1. Locating termite nests

A visual inspection for obvious signs of termite activity is the first step in locating termite activity in any dwelling. Next, using the techmnically advanced Thermatrac T3i, we can detect termite activity using non invasive techniques, up to 100mm into building materials including concrete. The Termatrac is then used to "accurately detect confirm and track the presence of termites plus precisely locate nests, mud leads (trails) and entry points."

2. Tracing the termite nest perimeter

Using moisture detection and therma energy equipment, we can detect the precise locations of the termite nest even undeneath tiles, concrete, timber, bricks etc.

3. Isolating all affected areas in building envelope

The thermal sensor and exact and precise moisture detection can determine the likely perimeters of any termite activity.

3. Sourcing all potential termite havens

Having established the presence of existing termite nests and activity, we can also highlight potential area where colonies may thrive, including areas where moisture is present, potential food sources are present, or both are present.



1. Locate the termite colony region
Using our high end equipment we can source active termite nests and all potential risk area.

2. Erradicate
Once the colony nest areas have been established, they can be treated to eliminate the termites.

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