Enviromaster Survey

Following our inspection and identification we can supply a comprehensive Environmental Survey, which identifies and itemises our findings and notifies of their impact on the indoor environment. The Survey also provides a quotation for the rectification of the issues we have identified.

The comprehensive survey includes all readings and compares them to what is recognised as acceptable levels.


We test for and record the following: humidity in the subfloor and internally, moisture readings of all wooden and carpeted surfaces and plaster walls and ceilings; the amount and type of dust particles in the roof cavity and also in the dwelling, mould in the dwelling; temperature in the dwelling and roof cavity; carbon monoxide emmissions from gas heater appliances; moisture in walls, floor and roof cavity with infra red cameras; insulation thickness and effectiveness.

Our Surveys are often used to identify issues for the insurance industry, in particular following floods or storm damage.



Enviromaster Environmental Survey $695

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