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Our company specialises in Identifying all types of household environmental issues, Reporting on how to erradicate, reduce and eliminate any environmental issues which can be harmful to the occupants' health and finally, Cleansing the indoor environment.


1. Testing airborne dust volumes and contaminants in the dust - Household dust is a common cause of all types of respiratory ailments, asthma etc. If you are unsure of the health of your dwelling and have occupants displaying symptoms of asthma, cold and flu, then testing both the amount of airborne dust and the dust particles themselves can assist you to identify a potential cause - dust. Once we have identified that there is excessive dust in the indoor atmosphere, then we can advise on how to reduce the dust. Lead and asbestos are both killers and both must be identifed and removed. Our sophisticated test equipment can identify both lead and asbestos in the airborne dust.

2. Locating and Identifying moisture - Using cutting edge infra red equipment and moisture detectors, we can locate and identify both hidden and visual moisture and elevated humidity. Locating elevated moisture and humidity levels generally leads to potential hot spots where there is mould growth.

3. Locating and Identifying mould - It is vital to locate and identify mould in the indoor environment so it can be quickly eliminated as mould is extremely hazardous to health. Mould is generally visually located, but infra red equipment also asssist in its locating.


Once we have identified all indoor or subfloor contaminants, then we provide a comprehensive written report which itemises all of the contaminants or danger areas we have located and provides a quotation for the cleansing or repairing of all affected areas.


We have invested heavily in cutting edge cleansing equipment which is required to remove all the indoor contaminants we have located and identified. Cleansing is completed using dust removal equipment which can clean roof cavities, duct equipment etc, dry ice machinery which cleans mould and air washing machines which remove airborne dust from the indoor environment. Dehumidifiers, mobile heaters and airmovers are all used to dry out moisture and humidity ridden buildings fast andf efficiently.

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