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Lead dust is often found in roof voids. Lead was used extensively in some building materials - paint being the most common lead based product to find its way into households - and in car products like brake pads. As a consequence of that, paint can often be found in roof voids, especially properties near or on main roads. Lead in paint can be an issue if it is sanded and the lead dust becomes airborne.

Lead dust is an issue that requires confirmation and then containment and removal. This is because all dusts can become airborne and can therefoe propose a threat to all occupants. Lead in paint, if left undisturbed, is not generally considered an issue, althogh identification is always useful.

The process for identifying lead is the same as identifying asbestos or other dusts.

Lead dust sampling, testing and identification procedure

1. Identification

Our lead identification process involves identifying possible examples of asbestos tainted building materials and then determinging which products require testing based on the long term circumstances of the building, the product and the occupants.


2. Sample

Sampling the suspect product is as simple as bagging a sample of the suspect dust, or shaving a sample from a suspect paint. PPE attire is worn by our testers who wil be responsible for the taking of the samples. The samples are double bagged and sealed for transportation. Once samples have been taken they are transported to an accredited lead test laboratory. The samples are turned around in 48 hours.


3. Laboratory testing

We can have airborne particulates and surface swabs tested and these laboratory tests can determine what type of mould has generated in the dwelling. Lab testing is an optional extra as the value of determining the type of particulate or the type of dust particles is questionable. Often the presence of elevated particulate levels is enough to undertake remedial action without paying to determine the exact type of particulate.


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