In short, most problems in modern buildings stem from a lack of ventilation culminating in either excessive dust, carbon monoxide or excessive moisture. Dust is harmful to humans whilst moisture creates humidity which leads to mould. Moisture also causes rising damp, which is both harmful to the building itself and, as it creates mould, also harmful to humans. And of course, exposure to too much carbon monoxide can kill.

DUST Airborne dust is harmful to the human respiratory system and is a common cause of asthma, cold, flu and allergic reactions. Dust can also carry harmful levels of lead - a poison if inhaled too much or too often - and asbestos, a potential killer of humans. Our dust monitor measures the amount of dust which is in the indoor atmosphere in real time, so we can provide results instantly. As well as measuring the amount of dust in the atmosphere, it also measures the type of dust particles, so we can locate or discount both lead and asbestos in the dust, providing peace of mind or proof of a posion in the air, which needs to be eliminated.

CARBON MONOXIDE Carbon monoxide is a deadly, odourless killer and appliances which emit carbon monoxide (gas fired heaters) should be tested annually. Our hand held carbon monoxide detectors can count the carbon monoxide emissions of your gas heaters to ensure they are within acceptable limits.

MOISTURE Excessive moisture is responsible for rising damp, humidity, mould and a miriad of other issues which are detrimental to the health of both a building and also the occupants of the building. We monitor and locate moisture using infra red cameras, moisture detectors and inspection equipment.

Once we locate and identify the moisture we can control and remove the moisture.

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