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Indoor air quality is essentially the state of the internal environment in the built environment. In the 21st century, most people spend the bulk of their time in sealed buildings with very little natural or ongoing ventilation. This has led to the meteoric rise in allergies and respiratory infections and a miriad of ailments that afflict people of all ages.

Identifying the aspects of the indoor environment which could be contributing to the ill health of its occupants involves both an understanding of the potential contributing factors to the health of the building and the necessary equipment which can identifty all issues and pinpoint their presence. Locating and identifying the sources of the environmental issues that can trigger these serious health issues is extremely important - and our company specialises in the location and identification of all environmental issues which can lead to a sick building - and sick occupants.

Indoor pollutants combined with poor ventilation are the primary reasons for poor indoor air quality. Reducing or controlling emissions from indoor appliances, controlling the spread and accumulation of dust and reducing the build up of internal moisture by increasing ventilation are the absolute keys to controlling the indoor environment.

Indoor Air Quality testing process

Any assessment of sick building syndrome and the list below leads to the conclusion that moisture and a lack of ventilation are the two contributing factors to an unhealthy building. It follows thay the testing and locating of moisture and investigating the ventilation (or lack thereof), will lead to reversing the wellness of any dwelling. Moisture leads to the growth of moulds and fungis. HVAC systems spread mould spores throughout the built environment and create airborne particulates. Moisture creates condensation and humidity. A lack of ventilation traps moisture in the built environment.

We specialise in the following

1. Environmental Audits
2. IAQ Audits
3. HVAC Audits

encompassing all of the below:

All Indoor environmental issues
IAQ - Moisture | Temperature | Humidity | Condensation | CO | C02 | Airborne Particulates | Airborne sampling | Surface sampling
Rising damp
Dust mites
Fungal growth
Microwave/electromagnetic emissions from mobile phones, power lines and home devises




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