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Sick buildings lead to sick occupants - Contact us on 1300 382 826 for an environmental audit!

Most people will agree that there is nothing more important than health – whether it is your own health or that of your family’s. A healthy home environment is essential to living a happy and productive life. Many people assume that a healthy home environment refers to the relationships between the individuals in the home. However there is another dimension which is that of the individuals relationship with the building itself. There is more awareness now than ever before how a built environment can negatively affect health and can be the cause of ongoing illness.

Environmental and energy auditors at Enviromaster help to locate and identify the sources that can cause health issues and exacerbate allergies and skin conditions in the home. Without even realising it, you and your family may be exposed to harmful and odourless chemicals, carbon monoxide, microwave and electromagnetic radiation that are causing severe illness. Our environmental and energy auditors can obtain samples, conduct environmental and energy audits, provide recommendations and independent advice that will effectively reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and other negative forms of energy.

That is why locating and identifying the sources of the environmental issues that can trigger these serious health issues is extremely important. Enviromaster environmental and energy auditors make it their job to uncover the roots causes of a sick building which leads to sick occupants.

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