Environmental Cleaning Services

Once we have identified any environmental contamination, whether it is mould, moisture or dust, we can quickly and professionally clean the dwelling so it is free from contaminants.

1. Moisture - Moisture, whether it manifests itself internally through mould, rising damp, condensation is invariably caused by either a lack of ventilation in the sub floor or a lack of ventilation in the dwelling itself.

Treating the cause of the moisture is the first step to erradicating the symptoms of the moisture - mould, rising damp and condensation. The moisture is treated in a couple of different ways - if it is excessive then we will force dry the sub floor area until the moisture and humidity levels are within normal parameters. Internally, we use a combination of dehumidifiers and air movers to remove the moisture from the indoor air.

Then we can install a sub floor ventilation system which will maintain the now stable sub floor environment. Finally we will remove any mould or loose moisture in the dwelling.

2. Mould - Whilst removing the mould from the dwelling is important, it is vital that the cleaning is combined with the restoration of the area that is causing the mould. This is generally found in the sub floor but also can be located in the roof of the dwelling. Either way, we can both clean and remove the visible mould, as well as eliminating the causes of the mould in the dwelling.

3. Dust - Removing the dust from the indoor environment requires the fitting of filters on any central heating system and scrubbing the indoor air to remove the dust particles from the air. With before and after particulate monitoring we can guarantee the dust removal ensuring a clean and safe environment for all inhabitants.

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