<Enviromaster provides expert property reports encompassing indor air quality, mould and damp issues, volatile organic compounds, dust mites>

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Our company has been involved in the cleaning and inspection industry for approximately 30 years. Our focus and company ethos is on providing the very best service utilising the best equipment available coupled with our extensive industry experience and a keen interest in providing the consumer with what they need - unbiased and professional advise not tainted by trying to sell anything else.

Our business is a family owned one, with father, son and daughter actively working in the business. Our employees are all known to us personally and work for us as opposed to being subcontractors.

We specialise in the indoor environment and our expertise is in identifying all types of health issues associated with the environment of any building. We offer detailed reports which identify all possible health issues, their sources and location. We also provide detailed information on the repair of the indoor environment.

If you are looking for a professional trades oriented company with real experience and the very best equipment, as opposed to a sales oriented one, then please call us.

We specialise in the following

1. Environmental Audits
2. IAQ Audits
3. HVAC Audits

encompassing all of the below:

All Indoor environmental issues
IAQ - Moisture | Temperature | Humidity | Condensation | CO | C02 | Airborne Particulates | Airborne sampling | Surface sampling
Rising damp
Dust mites
Fungal growth
Microwave/electromagnetic emissions from mobile phones, power lines and home devises




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