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Located in Victoria, we offer one of Australia's premier home environmental services to locate and identify all potential health issues in the home environment and building including biological and chemical contaminants. Our expert reports and testimony are in heavy demand where accurate identification and measurement of all issues can impact the health of occupants of any built environment.

Our company specialises in environmental testing services, identifying and reporting on

(1) harmful contaminants in the indoor environment which will impact on the health and wellbeing of the occupants; and

(2) harmful situations which can affect the health and integrity of the dwelling itself.

In today's modern society, the built environment often equates to a locked environment with little if any open ventilation points. Gone are the days where ventilation was a constant in residential and commercial structures. These days, the built environment is often sealed with a lack of manual ventilation. Instead we are faced with sealed environmentally controlled working and living conditions. These vital changes in our living and working conditions have given rise to an enormous increase in allergies, bacterial infections and serious respiratory issues in an alarming number of people, young and old. The sealed building syndrome has given rise to a significant increase in issues to do with mould, moisture and condensation in dwellings, particularly in the colder southern states of Australia.

If you have a sick dwelling or commercial building, chances are there will be sick occupants. Inhabitants may experience health issues and have symptoms such as coughs, asthma, headaches, palpitations, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. our professional team can quickly and efficiently conduct tests on the indoor environment to identify the cause and improve indoor environmental quality. Utilising cutting edge equipment we can quickly identify the health issues in the building - and then just as quickly and efficiently, deal with those issues.

We specialise in the following environmental testing and audit services:

1. Environmental Audits
2. IAQ Audits
3. HVAC Audits

These audits encompass all of the below:

All Indoor environmental issues
IAQ - Moisture | Temperature | Humidity | Condensation | CO | C02 | Airborne Particulates | Airborne sampling | Surface sampling
Rising damp
Dust mites
Fungal growth
Microwave/electromagnetic emissions from mobile phones, power lines and home devises

"Moisture leads to the growth of moulds and fungis. HVAC systems spread mould spores throughout the built environment and create airborne particulates. Moisture creates condensation and humidity. A lack of ventilation traps moisture in the built environment. Any assessment of indoor air quality starts and finishes with moisture, airborne particulates and ventilation."


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